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A Season of Transition

It is a season of transition. I have had the opportunity to serve as the preacher at Berryton United Methodist Church since July 1, 2018. On Sunday, I announced during worship that I have received a new appointment from Bishop Ruben Saenz to serve as the pastor at Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church in Topeka […]


An Open Invitation to Connection

I am glad that you read my blog and I would enjoy being more connected with you. I invite you to connect with me in the following ways: email – blog – twitter – facebook – Also, please consider subscribing to this blog via RSS or email: RSS subscription – Don’t […]

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Connections at Leadership Institute

I am looking forward to Leadership Institute this week. If you are going to be there, I would love to connect with you. Send me an email or facebook message and see you this week.


Speedlinking – April 16, 2008

How could you simplify the information that you collect from the congregation? Michael has a fascinating proposal – E-mail and Phone Only. Provocative proposals from young adults to General Conference… Read more from Mark Conard at The Legislative Process–Conferences Committee Beyond Solitary Pastoring from Mark Conard. Seth Godin gives advice to help you Write like […]

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Google Sites at Church

I just read the blog post on Google Sites. This looks like great stuff. I know that our IT team has SharePoint on the radar screen for an install here at Resurrection, and it looks like there may be some similarity in features here. Any church leaders implementing or thinking about implementing any of the […]