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I use to blog because it is free and it is open source. It is also the softward that is used to run all the blogs hosted at I switched from Blogger a couple years ago because I wanted a little more of an independent feel and appreciated that WordPress can be used […]

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Blog Recommendation

I want to suggest a blog to you – It’s a Mad Mission… Sign Me Up. Luke Wetzel is a Congregational Care Intern this summer here at Resurrection and is blogging his experience. Among other leadership roles in the denomination, Luke led the Kansas East delegation to General Conference 2008. Check out his thoughts and […]


Speedlinking – April 16, 2008

How could you simplify the information that you collect from the congregation? Michael has a fascinating proposal – E-mail and Phone Only. Provocative proposals from young adults to General Conference… Read more from Mark Conard at The Legislative Process–Conferences Committee Beyond Solitary Pastoring from Mark Conard. Seth Godin gives advice to help you Write like […]