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The #gc2012 Twitter Word Cloud Project

The #gc2012 Twitter Word Cloud – Milk Paints

The #GC2012 Twitter Word Cloud Project

Twitter was a powerful tool of engagement during General Conference 2012. I thought it would be fascinating to archive and analyze the updates tagged with #gc2012. On Tuesday morning, I set up an Archive of the #gc2012 hashtag through a HootSuite Pro account. Every day I downloaded the data from the previous day, corrected the date and time to be local for Tampa, removed extraneous data and put it in a spreadsheet. Then I used Wordle to create a word cloud with the text of all the updates for that day. After a few days, I began to edit out Twitter usernames and prominent hashtags to get a better view of the conversation. I hope that you enjoy the results!

Where can I find the data?

The raw data of Twitter updates tagged with #gc2012 are available in a spreadsheet at Use the tabs along the bottom of the page to navigate to each day of the conference. (Updated through May 3, 2012)

Where can I download full size images for the entire conference?

I created multiple word clouds for the entire conference in various color schemes and arrangements. You can find the links to these images below.

Where can I download full size images for each day?

You can find the full size downloadable word cloud images created from these Twitter updates with the links below. The #gc2012 Twitter Word Cloud Project for:

How can I support and join in this project?

  • Share – Use to share this blog post with others.
  • Analyze – Dig in to the raw Twitter data with the spreadsheet above and share what you discover
  • Post – Use the images in your own blog posts, make prints, share with others and include in articles both online and in print.
  • Donate – Will you please donate to a few dollars to help cover costs of the archiving service? Use this link to donate securely via PayPal or credit / debit card.

The #gc2012 Twitter Word Cloud Project Daily Images

12-04-24 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-04-25 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-04-26 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-04-27 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-04-28 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-04-29 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-04-30 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-05-01 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-05-02 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-05-03 Twitter Updates from #gc2012
12-05-04 Twitter Updates from #gc2012

13 replies on “The #gc2012 Twitter Word Cloud Project”

Thanks for putting this together! It would be interested to do the same thing with comments, observations, recommendations, and motions at General Conference. This gives a flavor of things.

[…] The Rev. Andrew Conard (@andrewconard) is a pastor, blogger and rising leader in the United Methodist Church. He is also a Twitter user, and has taken it upon himself to analyze the Twitter conversation using the hashtag #gc2012. Each day he is posting a “word cloud” image which graphically interprets the conversation, increasing the size of the word based on the number of times that word appears in the stream. You can follow his project at… […]

Great job Andrew! I think these types of graphics give a good perspective on what’s being talked about.

I realize now- after I suggested you filter out names- that I may have been mistaken. As I thought about that it dawned on me that names can give a good indication of who is saying what and who is being retweeted the most, which often can be as important as the content itself.

Anyway, good stuff and good work.

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