A Season of Transition

It is a season of transition. I have had the opportunity to serve as the preacher at Berryton United Methodist Church since July 1, 2018. On Sunday, I announced during worship that I have received a new appointment from Bishop Ruben Saenz to serve as the pastor at Susanna Wesley United Methodist Church in Topeka beginning July 1, 2019. I will miss the good people of Berryton and am grateful for the care our family has received from both the church and community. I look forward to meeting the people of Susanna Wesley, learning more about the ministries, traditions, hopes, and dreams of the congregation, and continuing to reach the mission field with the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ. I am also looking forward to learning from Rev. Maria Campbell who has served Susanna Wesley faithfully these past seven years!

The Staff Parish team at Berryton UMC has been in conversation with our District Superintendent, Rev. Kay Scarbrough, about who will be appointed to serve as the next pastor. We will share that news when it is available. Will you take a moment to pray for our community, congregations, Bishop, District Superintendents and our family?

If you would like to get or stay connected with me, here are a few ways:

I am committed to making this transition in the best possible way, including saying goodbye, grieving, finding away in the “in-between” space, saying hello, and engaging new beginnings.

Pilgrimage to Resurrection

I have attended Leadership Institute at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection every year that I have served under appointment as a United Methodist preacher. I was only able to be present for one day this year, but it was still worth it. Here is what made it good:

  • Connection – It is great to reconnect with both congregants and staff at the church, as well as colleagues from across the conference and around the connection.
  • Remembering – Nicole and I began our life as a married couple serving as associate pastors. They were formative years in discovering how to be a couple and how to be a pastor.
  • Time Away – I am able to rest in the reality that, even for just a few moments, someone else is tending to all the details at church.
  • Inspiration – The speakers and workshops are excellent. They help stretch my mind beyond what is to what might be.
  • Being Present – It is good to be around a big group of people that are committed to making progress in their local church – wherever that may be. There is a tangible sense that we are all about God’s work in the mission field.

I realized this year that it has become a bit of a pilgrimage for me and I am glad for the opportunity to return.

Friends and Colleagues

One of the ongoing growing edges for me in life and ministry is spending time with friends and colleagues. As a pastor in the local church, good relationships are essential to my role. I feel good about my ability to build connections within the congregation. However, there are times when I know that I miss the connections of friendships outside the local church and with clergy colleagues. While there are a handful of people with whom I have stayed in connection for a number of years, I know that I need to make progress in this area for my own well-being.

In recent months, I have reconnected with some old friends, met with new colleagues, and been more intentional about the relationships of which I am a part – both in the local church, community, and across the connection. I am glad for this. I am hopeful to continue to build on these relationships and others as I continue to seek to be fruitful in ministry and whole across all areas of my life.

2012 Twitter Hashtags and Live Streaming for #UMC Conferences

At the end of the #dreamUMC chat last night, I volunteered to collect hashtags for United Methodist conferences this year. I hope you will find it helpful to stay connected across the denomination.

Will you please help me complete this list? Please send me an @reply on Twitter @andrewconard or leave a comment on this post with dates, clarification on hashtags, link if it is being live streamed or additional conferences.

Please tweet or share this link to this post to spread the word – http://j.mp/K26ox3

Dates for Conference Unknown (to me)

  • #tnumc12 / #tnac2012 – Tennessee (@tnumc)

UMNS 2012 Annual Conference Reports

The Power of the World Cup

This weekend is the finals of the World Cup.

This amazing sports event connects nations, continents and the world in a game of sport.

What event similarly connects the church?

I believe the Jesus’ incarnation and resurrection as well as communion and baptism are all key connections across the church.

How do you respond?

2010 Twitter Hashtags for #UMC Annual Conferences

Inspired by the comment string from yesterday’s post and the good response from last year. I have created a place to find the twitter hashtags in use at 2010 annual conferences here. I am not going to assume that they will remain the same from last year, although maybe some have solidified.

Will you please add a hashtag for your 2010 annual conference in the comments and the dates it will take place?

Please tweet or share the link to this post to spread the word – http://wp.me/p2VFJ-zW

Use http://search.twitter.com and the following search terms / hashtags to find information about these annual conferences:

  • #dac2010 – Detroit
  • #igrc – Illinois Great Rivers
  • #flumc – Florida
  • #okumc – Oklahoma
  • #pnwac – Pacific Northwest
  • #rmcumc – Rocky Mountain
  • May 26-28
    • #kswumc – Kansas West (@kswumc)
  • May 31-June 2
    • #txac – Texas (@txac)
  • June 3-5
    • #gnjumc2010 – Greater New Jersey Annual Conference
  • June 6-12?
    • #ctac2010 – Central Texas
    • #iaumc – Iowa
    • #laconf – Louisiana
    • #ntxac – North Texas
    • #tnumc – Tennessee
    • #westohioumc – West Ohio
  • June 6-8
    • #memphisac – Memphis
  • June 6-9
    • #arumc10 – Arkansas
  • June 9-12
    • #kseumc – Kansas East (@kecumc)
  • June 10-13
    • #inumc – Indiana
    • #umcsc – South Carolina
    • #wpaumc – Western Pennsylvania
    • #yacumc – Yellowstone
  • June 12-?
    • #susumc – Susquehanna
  • June 13-16
    • #umcnic (@umcnic) – Northern Illinois
    • #vaumc – Virginia

I’m Ditching Facebook.

I am always looking for ways to unclutter my life and not checking Facebook is one thing I am considering.

Once I started using Twitter and Tweet Deck as an application to manage connecting with others via Twitter, I have found less and less use for Facebook. I love the simplicity of Twitter – just a status update that lets me know what is going on in the lives of others and helps me find interesting articles, websites and information. There are no applications that I have to mess with or quiz invitations to ignore.

Event invitations and the Inbox are about the only ways that I continue to use Facebook. These could easily be replaced with email and http://www.mypunchbowl.com

I am strongly considering ditching Facebook.

Can you talk me out of it?

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Connection Drive – February 2009

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Pastor Andrew welcomes the N-R Pastorate to my blog

Hi, my name is Andrew Conard, pastor for those whose last names begin with N-R at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Welcome to my blog, Thoughts of Resurrection. I hope that you will take time to explore some of the top posts here over the past month. Check back for new posts regularly.

  1. What is proper church attire?
  2. In what way does God answer prayer?
  3. Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

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