Confession via Phoneline to the Lord?

While listening to a podcast of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! this week, I heard of the true story of a phone confessional that gives you the following options:

  • For advice on confessing, press one.
  • To confess, press two.
  • To listen to some confessions, press three.

As a United Methodist, I believe that confession, both individual and communal, is an important part of our Christian life. However, this just doesn’t make sense to me. I am particularly incredulous at the option to listen to someone else’s confession. Listening to confession without a relationship in community seems like religious voyeurism.

You can read more at: ‘Please leave your confession after the beep’: Fury of French bishops over 30p-a-minute phone line for sinning Catholics


I was confronted by one of the assumptions that I make about life and church recently when reading the comments from my post on what to do with your hands during worship. I made the assumption that words for singing would be on a screen and you would not have to hold a hymnal. For better or worse, here are some other assumptions that I have made about life as a leader in the church.

  • In worship, words can be projected.
  • Church staff will all have email addresses.
  • The pastor will have a direct phone line at the church.
  • Broadband internet access will be available at the church and the parsonage.
  • There will be some members in the congregation who will friend me on Facebook.

What do you think? What have I missed? Are these fair assumptions?

Why I Use (3 of 6) really changed the way that I keep track of things. When I have an idea that I want to capture, a task that I cannot get off my mind or something that I am afraid that I am going to forget, I will call jott and record a memo to myself. I can unclutter my mind from work related things on my day off and I can capture a great idea that I have without having to worry about losing a scrap of paper on which I write it down. I have been a user since beta testing and love it.

What do you think?

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