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Confession via Phoneline to the Lord?

While listening to a podcast of Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! this week, I heard of the true story of a phone confessional that gives you the following options: For advice on confessing, press one. To confess, press two. To listen to some confessions, press three. As a United Methodist, I believe that confession, both […]

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Free Phone with the 2010 Electronic Program Calendar?

Notice anything unusual about this ad? Take a closer look… I did purchase a copy of the 2010 Electronic Program Calendar and am relieved that I did not have to replace my current mobile phone.



I was confronted by one of the assumptions that I make about life and church recently when reading the comments from my post on what to do with your hands during worship. I made the assumption that words for singing would be on a screen and you would not have to hold a hymnal. For […]


Why I Use (3 of 6) really changed the way that I keep track of things. When I have an idea that I want to capture, a task that I cannot get off my mind or something that I am afraid that I am going to forget, I will call jott and record a memo to myself. I can unclutter […]


Speedlinking – April 16, 2008

How could you simplify the information that you collect from the congregation? Michael has a fascinating proposal – E-mail and Phone Only. Provocative proposals from young adults to General Conference… Read more from Mark Conard at The Legislative Process–Conferences Committee Beyond Solitary Pastoring from Mark Conard. Seth Godin gives advice to help you Write like […]