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2010 Twitter Hashtags for #UMC Annual Conferences

Inspired by the comment string from yesterday’s post and the good response from last year. I have created a place to find the twitter hashtags in use at 2010 annual conferences here. I am not going to assume that they will remain the same from last year, although maybe some have solidified.

Will you please add a hashtag for your 2010 annual conference in the comments and the dates it will take place?

Please tweet or share the link to this post to spread the word –

Use and the following search terms / hashtags to find information about these annual conferences:

  • #dac2010 – Detroit
  • #igrc – Illinois Great Rivers
  • #flumc – Florida
  • #okumc – Oklahoma
  • #pnwac – Pacific Northwest
  • #rmcumc – Rocky Mountain
  • May 26-28
    • #kswumc – Kansas West (@kswumc)
  • May 31-June 2
    • #txac – Texas (@txac)
  • June 3-5
    • #gnjumc2010 – Greater New Jersey Annual Conference
  • June 6-12?
    • #ctac2010 – Central Texas
    • #iaumc – Iowa
    • #laconf – Louisiana
    • #ntxac – North Texas
    • #tnumc – Tennessee
    • #westohioumc – West Ohio
  • June 6-8
    • #memphisac – Memphis
  • June 6-9
    • #arumc10 – Arkansas
  • June 9-12
    • #kseumc – Kansas East (@kecumc)
  • June 10-13
    • #inumc – Indiana
    • #umcsc – South Carolina
    • #wpaumc – Western Pennsylvania
    • #yacumc – Yellowstone
  • June 12-?
    • #susumc – Susquehanna
  • June 13-16
    • #umcnic (@umcnic) – Northern Illinois
    • #vaumc – Virginia

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16 replies on “2010 Twitter Hashtags for #UMC Annual Conferences”

We will continue to use #rmcumc for the Rocky Mountain Conference. Blessings all’

Also, I think these are this week.


Not sure of the exact dates of these but sometime during the week of June 6-12th (please feel free to update with correct dates)

North Texas Annual Conference #ntxac
Central Texas Annual Conference #ctac2010
West Ohio Annual Conference #westohioumc
South Georgia Annual Conference #sgaumc10
Tennessee Annual Conference #tnumc
Iowa Annual Conference #iaumc
Louisiana Annual Conference #laconf

I’ll be at the Florida conference in Lakeland, FL representing OurChurch.Com. As we did last year, we’ll be tweeting up the #flumc hashtag and giving away Chilis gift cards to people at the conference who follow us @OurChurchDotCom

The Central Pennsylvania Conference and the Wyoming Conference (in PA & NY) each conducted their final sessions of annual conference this past week (June 4-5).

CPC (#cpcumc) and the PA churches from the Wyoming Conference (northeastern PA) will gather June 12 for a uniting conference and ordination service in their first annual conference as the Susquehanna Conference. I’ll use #susumc.

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