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Social Media Club of the UMC

I have enjoyed being involved in #SMCKC, the Social Media Club of Kansas City. I have learned a lot from others, particularly over the past few months in presentations on social media efforts from various local companies. In addition, conversations have proven to be fruitful.

So why not #smcumc? A Social Media Club for The United Methodist Church? A mission or purpose statement could be similar to that found at the #SMCKC website:

“Our primary goal is to help the greater Kansas City and sister communities across the country understand social media’s purpose, use and benefits. #smckc was founded on six pillars: Awareness, Education, Advocacy, Industry Leadership, Adoption of Standards, and Technology.”

I believe that the UMC at all levels, from local church to general agencies and general conference could benefit from better leveraging social media.

Who’s in?

By Andrew Conard

Christian, husband, son, brother, homeowner

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Previously Used Annual Conference #Hashtags (these were the ones used last year and could have changed) Can we pare them down to determine which ones will be re-used or are in use year round? I assume the ones with 09 will either be updated with “2010” or “10” or maybe the year will be dropped altogether…

• #arumc – Arkansas (@ar_umc)
• #awfumc09 – Alabama – West Florida
• #ctc09 – Central Texas
• #gnjac2009 – Greater New Jersey
• #dscumc – Desert Southwest
• #flumc – Florida
• #kac – Kentucky
• #kseumc – Kansas East
• #kswumc – Kansas West (@kswumc)
• #inumc – Indiana
• #moac09 – Missouri
• #mnumc – Minnesota
• #msac – Mississipi
• #naumc – North Alabama
• #nccumc – North Carolina
• #neumc – New England
• #ngumc09 – North Georgia
• #ntxac – North Texas
• #nyumc – New York
• #okumc – Oklahoma
• #pcaumc – any tweets about the proposed constitutional amendments for the denomination.
• #pnwac – Pacific Northwest
• #rmcumc – Rocky Mountain
• #sgaumc09 – South Georgia
• #theaumc – Alaska
• #tnumc – Tennessee
• #txac – Texas
• #umcnic – Northern Illinois (@umcnic)
• #umcsc – South Carolina
• #wncc – Western North Carolina
• #wocumc – West Ohio
• #wvac09 – West Virginia
• #yacumc – Yellowstone
• #scjumc – South Central Jurisdiction

For Annual Conference hashtags, keep an eye on @UMCommunication on Twitter, they’ve been posting some of those today.

A connectional church using social media. Wesley would have loved it 🙂

Love the idea. Hope we can keep the innovative spirit.

I’m in! By the way, hashtag for the Detroit Annual Conference is #dac2010.


I’m in.

BTW, my conference, Central Pennsylvania (CPC), will have its closing conference on June 4-5 and its uniting conference on June 12. The churches of CPC will be uniting with the Pennsylvania churches of the Wyoming Conference to form a new conference called the Susquehanna Conference.

It should be a very active couple weekends!

Sounds great I am in! I think it would be good to rethink some of the pillars though. Perhaps one on Service/Prayer/Connections off the top of my head.

That list of all the annual conference hashtags is impressive! Nice work to somebody who put that together!

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