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Homosexuality and the UMC – Adam Hamilton Sermon

I invite you to worship with The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection on Sunday, February 1 online at and hear a sermon by Adam Hamilton addressing homosexuality as a part of the sermon series When Christians Get it Wrong.

I was in worship on Saturday night, enjoyed the sermon and appreciated Adam’s sermon. I believe that you will be interested in his perspective, even if you disagree with his approach.

Your Invitation:

  1. Copy and post this invitation at your blog or retweet my latest at Twitter.
  2. Join worship live at at either 10:45 AM and 4:00 PM Central Standard Time (GMT -6). (If you are in the Kansas City area join us in person at any service – Worship Schedule)
  3. If you watch online, let us know your response using the Contact Resurrection Live! link after the service.

6 replies on “Homosexuality and the UMC – Adam Hamilton Sermon”

Since you were there (or will be there), can you give us some musings on the congregation’s response? I’m trying to not be eating popcorn in the wings, but sermons like this in mega-churches are few and far between. I’ve been enjoying this series.

when does video/audio typically go up after the service? i caught the live version and wanted to share it with others.

Thanks Andrew–I really thought he had some great things to say and said them in a really constructive way–I’ve sent it around and posted a short response on my blog which has been well received (with a lot more hits than I normally get).

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