Project 365

This year I embarked on Project 365, in which I am seeking to take at least one photo every day. I will choose one picture from each day and post it at:

I invite you to check out the pictures that I have taken at that site. It is not quite up to date, but I will continue to update throughout the year.

I set out on this project in an effort to be intentional about having a hobby.

Leadership Institute 2008 – Photo Experiment

I invite you to you to be a part of a photo experiment from Leadership Institute 2008 at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

  1. Upload any pictures that you take while at Resurrection for Leadership Institute 2008 to The pictures might be of space, buildings, speakers, workshops, funny or serious.
  2. Add the tag “li2008” to each of these photos.
  3. That’s it!

As others begin to add their photos you can view, comment and share the experience at:


I am a regular subscriber to daily dose of imagery, Flickr Blog, deviantmonk’s photos, and Wink. Through a post earlier in the year was made aware of the Photoblog Awards. If you read blogs, I highly recommend subscribing to some sort of photo blog. It is great to see a beautiful image come up in your feed reader.

If you do not use a feed reader, I recommend that you check out Google Reader and make sure and subscribe to this feed – Thoughts of Resurrection. For more information on feeds and RSS check out this great video.