How do you know something is true?

You know something is true when it is measured against something that is certain truth. In my case, I look to scripture as the primary source for understanding the truth about life, the universe and everything. As a United Methodist Christian, I seek to discren whether something is true by comparing it to what I find in scripture. I seek to understand the truth as found in scripture by using my own reason and intellect, the tradition of the church across time and the experience of a community of believers as well as my own experience of faith. These tools guide my search for truth and help me know whether something is true or false.

I recently met with a congregant who shared some deep questions with me. I asked for permission to share them on this blog to more broadly share my response.

Candlelight Christmas Eve at Resurrection Online

Will you join Resurrection Online this year for Candlelight Christmas Eve?

I hope that you have a chance to worship at at a physical location this Christmas Eve, however if you would like an opportunity to worship without leading or if you are unable to physically be present for whatever reason I invite you to join us online for worship this week.

  • December 23 at 6:00 PM CST
  • December 24 at 5:00 PM CST
  • December 24 at 7:00 PM CST

Will you join us at

Speedlinking – July 6, 2009

Leadership Network’s Ideation Experience

I am excited to be a part of Leadership Network’s Ideation Experience in July. From the website:

The Leadership Network Ideation Experience on July 20-22 in Dallas, is a gathering of innovators, creative thinkers and idea junkies who work collaboratively in an interactive and iterative process of developing ideas that could not only change the Church but change the world.

Leadership Network has partnered with Catalyst and innovation guru John Handy, former Senior VP in charge of product development for Mattel Toys to present three days of innovation and brainstorming. Our plan is to deliver a list of the Ten Big Ideas that could shape and change the Church in the next ten years.

The Leadership Network Ideation Experience is not an informational conference, but rather a total immersion into creating, combining, experimenting, testing and refining of good ideas into great ideas. It is designed for creative, playful leaders who enjoy collaborating with other creative and playful leaders. If this makes your heart race, you need to join us!

I outlined the idea which I submitted at Church Planting – What if… and included the following biography (in 200 words or less) for my application:

I am a Christian, husband, son, brother, friend, United Methodist and also an associate pastor at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection ( I am passionate about spiritual revival in the state of Kansas, renewal within the United Methodist Church and the purpose of the church where I serve.

I believe that this will be important work for the church, denomination and as internet campus pastor.

Vibe – Two Weeks In

This past Sunday was the second week for the Vibe worship service at Resurrection. I have been a part of the planning team and will be in worship leadership there each week. The service is in the Student Center with the sermon on video, edgier music and the opportunity for more movement and experiential response in the service.

The very first week there was a feeling of hesitation in the room as people were coming in and were not sure how to act in the new environment. By the end of the service it had changed to a feeling of real community. The feeling of community continued to grow the second week and I believe will continue to build.

Our hope is to connect new people, not to have people move from another service. Some of that will happen, but ultimately we hope that people will connect at this service.

You are invited this coming Sunday at 10:45 in the Student Center at Resurrection.

Leadership Institute 2008 – Photo Experiment

I invite you to you to be a part of a photo experiment from Leadership Institute 2008 at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

  1. Upload any pictures that you take while at Resurrection for Leadership Institute 2008 to The pictures might be of space, buildings, speakers, workshops, funny or serious.
  2. Add the tag “li2008” to each of these photos.
  3. That’s it!

As others begin to add their photos you can view, comment and share the experience at:

“You Will be a Great Pastor One Day”

I have received this comment more than once in my time serving as a pastor at Resurrection. It makes me wonder…

What does the individual think of me as a pastor now?

When does the transition from “will be” to “are” happen?

Does this have to do primarily or exclusively with my age? (27)

Is there any other way to respond other than with, “Thank you”?

Belief in the Trinity

Do you think it is important to God that we believe we understand the Holy Trinity or do you think He wants us to constantly be trying to understand?

I think that it is important that we have faith that seeks understanding of the Trinity and many other theological concepts – atonement, salvation, forgiveness. Some of these we experience, some of these we seek to understand, and for many of them we do both. In regard to the Trinity, I believe that it is more important to seek a relationship and experience interaction than to think about or try to understand.

I do not think that it is a faithful response to say that we fully understand the Trinity. I think that there is a balance between knowing / understanding and fully understand the Trinity. Our journey at Resurrection is one of knowing, loving and serving God and this is a journey that will likely not be complete in this life.

This question came out of a young adult small group taster last Sunday morning in which I taught about the question “What is the Trinity?”