Leadership Institute 2008 – Wrap Up

It was a great Leadership Institute. My dad came up for the Institute and also stayed with us, which was a lot of fun. I enjoyed each of the plenaries and made it through two workshops with Jeff Clinger and Amanda Smith in what turned out to be a great collaboration. I also particularly enjoyed making connections with old friends and having conversations about ministry in Kansas with new friends.

Make sure and check out photos from Leadership Institute here (primarily thanks to Clif Guy) and upload your own to Flickr with the tag “li2008”

While the church is closed today, I am getting some clinical time in at Saint Luke’s for CPE and then to class time. I hope that you are having a great day

LI 2008 – Top 10 from October 1

The excitement kicked off at Resurrection with the start of Contemporary Worship Institute on Wednesday. Here is my top 10 from yesterday

  1. Spent time with Bob Kirby, friend from seminary and pastor in Delaware. He is in town for Leadership Institute.
  2. Hearing a little bit of Paul Baloche opening the Contemporary Worship Institute
  3. Seeing the new signage up on the north side of the west building
  4. Huge tent for food set up in parking lot – looking forward to Jack Stack tomorrow night
  5. Excitement and energy flowing onto campus through all the guests
  6. Lawn care done early for the week in anticipation of guests arriving
  7. “Conference Parking” signage is up
  8. I am done with Clinical Pastoral Education clinical time for the week
  9. I put the final touches on my workshop.
  10. Had a great relaxing evening at home after a long day

Contemporary Worship and Leadership Institute 2008

The festivities at Resurrection this week kick off with Contemporary Worship Institute registration tonight. They will continue with Leadership Institute on Thursday and Friday. It is an exciting, inspiring and exhausting time for the next few days. Keeping with the theme for Leadership Institute, I will be bringing you my own top 10 from each day this week.

I would love your feedback on top experiences for you while you are here this week – as a participant, Resurrection staff, Resurrection congregation member or other visitor. Enjoy!

Leadership Institute 2008 – Photo Experiment

I invite you to you to be a part of a photo experiment from Leadership Institute 2008 at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.

  1. Upload any pictures that you take while at Resurrection for Leadership Institute 2008 to Flickr.com The pictures might be of space, buildings, speakers, workshops, funny or serious.
  2. Add the tag “li2008” to each of these photos.
  3. That’s it!

As others begin to add their photos you can view, comment and share the experience at: