Is there useful Bible software?

I currently do not use any Bible software. I have been following the development of Logos Bible Software for Mac and wonder if I might want to purchase it in the future. I also wonder if there is a quality online resource that would serve a similar purpose. I have a sense that Bible software would be a useful tool to improve my teaching, preaching and study.

Have you used or do you use Bible software? In what ways have you found it to be helpful? Do you have any suggestions on a particular software or online resource?

By Andrew Conard

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I use “word search 7” Andrew. I have been using it now for about 5 years and find it pretty good. I have added many books, commentaries, etc through download purchases. Great search engine, interacts with web well, and gives you document building software to build your own messages embedding your searches, web addresses, and your own text into the document.

It is a PC only software, and as I have recently switched to MAC, I am also searching for a newer, hotter, MAC software. I have been suprised that logogs is the only one I have found. Presently I still use word search 7 through parallels pc software for MAC

Answer: No. 😛

I used to use a resource called E-Sword. I thought it was really good for being free, and it tied in words in the scripture to concordances, lexicons, download-able commentaries, STEP libraries, maps, encyclopedias, devotionals and the like.

I say ‘used to use’ because it is unfortunately only for PC. (grrrr…)

I have found that is a good place to access lexicons, dictionaries, commentaries, etc. It also has the church fathers writings, which is where I got my start. (Ah yes, memories of 5 hours of scrolling through text on a computer screen…)

Jason – Thanks for the tip. I do not think that I have the horsepower on my current laptop to be able to run parallels in any type of good condition. Wait do you need an intel chip to run that? I am definitely out… In any case, if / when you find the new hotness let me know.

deviantmonk – Thanks for the Crosswalk tip, this is not a resource that I have used before. 5 hours? That’s serious!

Janelle – I have used Bible Gateway in the past and it does tend to be pretty helpful. Thanks for that ‘tasty morsel’ 🙂

This may not help you on an older Mac, but there is really no substitute for BibleWorks 7. It is capable of truly divine into texts, especially with original language resources that make things clear even if you don’t know the languages well. It isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny and then some. I’ve never tried the Logos software, but I BW’s searching capability is so incredibly flexible that it leaves everything else I’ve seen in the dust.

It only has a PC version, but the web site has some tips for running it on Mac and Linux. I run it on a 4-year-old Linux laptop with no problem at all.

I agree about Bible Works. It is the software program on the computers at the professional theological schools I’m familiar with (Duke Divinity School and Princeton Seminary) – even on their Macs.

I echo Bibleworks 7. Top notch, scholarly stuff that is easy to use.

Logos for MAC isn’t bad. I haven’t used it enough to know. If you can run Bibleworks on our MAC, you’ve got a powerhouse.

Jeff, klh, and Jim – I appreciate the guidance towards Bible Works. It was installed on the computers at seminary, but I must admit that I did not utilize it while I was there. Hmm…

I’ll echo the remark. My wife and I bought a version of PC Study Bible from Biblesoft because it was Bible Software and there were a bunch of Larry Burkett titles included electronically. I had nothing but problems with it on the old computer, and therefore, it never got installed on the new one!

There really is nothing like Logos. It’s in a class by itself. I’ve been a BibleWorks user since version 4 and still have and occasionally use version 7. About three years ago I bought Logos (Scholar’s Silver), and transitioned from using both BibleWorks and Logos side-by-side, to using Logos primarily, to using Logos almost exclusively. I have over 4,000 books in my Libronix digital library, and love how they are connected via hyperlinks and double-clicking. The capability to search, markup, and take notes is also great. I become such a huge fan of Logos, that now I even work there. My opinions here are the same ones I had before becoming an employee, so I’m not just trying to make a sale. You won’t be disappointed with Logos.

Our mutual friend Jeremy Grabrian turned me on to e-sword. Maybe he can help you find a mac’d up version.

I don’t personally have any software, but I emailed a friend who is familiar with Here is his email below:

The guys in my Bible Study really like Blue Letter Bible, especially for checking how words in verses translate. is a great page for understanding how to use Blue Letter Bible.

I do recommend it. It is like having a Strong’s accordance as your fingertips! Great for deep study, quickly checking difference versions, seeing how certain passages are referenced or correlated throughout the Bible, etc.

It’s not the be all, end all but it’s a great resource.

Hope this helps..

I have to share my “helpful-hint” to those who say they are too busy to keep up with the reading in a bible study class. I ordered the audible bible version of my bible on MP3. Downloaded everything (old/new testament) into my ITunes … this takes a few hours, but only have to do it once. Every couple of weeks I’ll drag the chapters scheduled to be read for my Disciple class to an ITune folder and download to my I-pod. I now do my Disciple in the car, walking, taking a bath, exercising, gardening ….. etc.etc.etc. So many friends have told me they can’t do Disciple because too much reading – I’m now able to get my reading/listening done a couple of times during a week. I love too!

Jack, Craig, Phillip, kansasbob, Nelson, Diane, and Mark – Thank you for the resources! Very much appreciated.

Nelson – Had not known about Blue Letter Bible, interesting…

Diane – Great tip. Will need to get an iPod…

Hello, I use Ubuntu linux to listen to the Ubuntu linux has a wealth of programs, especially the one that you need is the “FLASH PLAYER; if you do not have flash you can add/remove programs onto the apps.

I personally use Bible Works as I am a Bible College student and it is very much worth the money…
it depends what you need it for, I need the Greek and Hebrew texts but not everyone does

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