Why I Choose Apple

On Friday I was filling up my car’s tank at the local gas station. I set my keys and iPhone on the trunk. The phone started to slip a bit, so I pushed it up a little further and then turned to pick up the pump handle. When I turned back around, I thought that someone had grabbed my phone while my back was turned. Then I looked down. My iPhone had hit the concrete. This is a picture that I took when I got home.

The touchscreen still worked, but I was afraid that the glass shards would all fall out at any moment. I made a Genius Bar appointment for a few hours later at at my local Apple Store to see what could be done.

The Genius indicated that the back glass could be replaced relatively easily, but with broken front glass the whole phone would need to be replaced. The usual cost for this replacement is $199. The Apple Genius checked out the serial number on my phone, saw that it was still covered under Apple Care and that this was the first time that I had come in with a broken phone. I was accepted a one time offer of a new iPhone for free.

Thank you!

Brilliant customer service = relentless customer loyalty

Speedlinking – February 19, 2009

Is there useful Bible software?

I currently do not use any Bible software. I have been following the development of Logos Bible Software for Mac and wonder if I might want to purchase it in the future. I also wonder if there is a quality online resource that would serve a similar purpose. I have a sense that Bible software would be a useful tool to improve my teaching, preaching and study.

Have you used or do you use Bible software? In what ways have you found it to be helpful? Do you have any suggestions on a particular software or online resource?

Apple… :)

PS – I am a big Apple fan. The computers that I have used included a Macintosh Plus a Power Computing Power 100 mac clone, iMac G3 and my current 1.25 ghz PowerBook G4. Maybe a MacBook Pro will be in my future. Someday…

PPS – Apple recycles any iPod and any cell phone – free!

In other big news:

iPhone in the Future

Like Tim Stevens, I have considered purchasing an iPhone when my current contract with Sprint is up in April. To this point, I have been dissuaded, by what I perceived to be the lack of functionality tying the iPhone to the Microsoft Server software that keeps my calendar, email and contacts humming at Resurrection. The announcement of the iPhone Enterprise Beta Program has me thinking that this may be a possibility in the near future after all…

But then, I do have some loyalty to to the hometown company – I drive past Sprint‘s corporate headquarters every day going to church. Hmmm… What to do…