Zimbabwe: Hospitality (1 of 8)

A few weeks ago, I had a great trip to the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference with a delegation from the Kansas West Annual Conference. One of the overwhelming characteristics of the culture was a focus on hospitality. At nearly every site that we visited there were drinks and snacks that had been prepared for us as a thank you for the visit. It is understood that if you share a meal or food with someone else the relationship is confirmed and brought to a deeper level. At many locations, we were greeted with exuberant singing as we got off the bus. It seemed as if hospitality was part of the culture and also a clear expression of faith. Sharing in a meal is a sign of fellowship that is a meaningful Christian practice. I hope to share some of the hospitality that was shared with us.

In what way have you experienced hospitality in an extravagant or unexpected way?

Back in the United States

I made it back safely from Zimbabwe last week with the team from the Kansas West Annual Conference. I had an amazing time hearing stories and meeting the people of Zimbabwe. I am working on sorting through the photos and stories. I hope to be able to share them with you in a few days. One of the techie wins for me on the trip was successful use of a GPS tracker to geotag photos. I am working on marking locations which we visited in Google Earth as well.

Kansas West Delegation to Zimbabwe

Next week, Nicole and I will travel to the Zimbabwe East Annual Conference as part of a delegation from the Kansas West Annual Conference. This trip was first announced in this article from the Kansas West website – Local churches invited to support Zimbabwe partnerships. On the trip, I hope to build relationships with the people of Zimbabwe, listen to stories, look for opportunities in ministry and pray continually. One of the key questions, that was affirmed by a conversation today with the Director of Mission Minstries at Resurrection today is this:

How might a partnership be formed with the outcome of healthier local churches in both Zimbabwe and Kansas?