#6qumc – Who can participate? (3 of 5)

Within the first day of 6 Questions for The United Methodist Church, someone asked,

Is this only for young clergy?

The answer is a resounding no. While 6 Questions for The United Methodist Church is hosted by www.umcyoungclergy.com it is open to all people of The United Methodist Church.

The project becomes better with each person that votes or submits a question. I trust the witness of the Spirit active in many people.

To participate visit: http://bit.ly/6qumc

To read more, visit: http://www.umcyoungclergy.com/6qumc

Speedlinking – June 20, 2009

KS West Dreams for the UMC

At the young adult clergy booth at the Kansas West Annual Conference, participants were invited to add a post it note sharing dreams for The United Methodist Church. The responses were (in no particular order):

  • Be Bold
  • to no longer support abortion
  • All means All..
  • Love God. Love people.
  • Relevance
  • To respect & value young clergy
  • AC is all Twitter
  • 1. Prisons close for lack of business; 2. Ignite your ministry where the flame meets the cross; 3. Put your faith to work where the flame meets the cross.
  • Social Revolution!
  • Wow we have met our church budget and it’s only July
  • Our whole church invites our whole town to VBS
  • Economic and Environmental Justice; The church as a prophetic voice.
  • That we would dream More!
  • Relax
  • Transformation of the world through Jesus Christ
  • Recruit young people!

Young Adult Clergy Booth at Kansas West Annual Conference

Last week, I was part of the Kansas West Annual Conference. It was a great conference. I tried a new thing and reserved a booth for young clergy. This had several positive outcomes, including:

  • Gathered a (perhaps) comprehensive list of young adult clergy within the annual conference
  • Increased awareness of young adults in ministry in the conference
  • Created space to share words of wisdom about ministry
  • Created space to share dreams for the denomination
  • Shared information about 40 Days of Prayer and Exploration 2009

I felt that it was a significant step in encouraging young people in ministry within Kansas West.

Thanks to Jeff Slater for the photos!

UMYC Booth at Annual Conference

I reserved a booth at Kansas West Annual Conference for young clergy and have the following ideas…

  • Gathering place for young clergy
  • Distribution of social media guide for UM Young Clergy
  • Distribution of physical copy of 40 days of prayer initiative
  • Share ideas for young clergy gatherings throughout the year
  • Potentially a place to audio record stories of young clergy to be able to share with others.

What else purposes might a booth at annual conference for young clergy serve? Add comments here and I will compile into a document to be used in any conference.

Speedlinking – March 23, 2009

United Methodist Young Clergy Social Media Guide

Social Media Guide

We are a movement of young pastors committed to the fact that God is not done working among us. The numbers and statistics may tell us the end is in sight. But God does the best work in places in need of resurrection.
We’re committed to supporting each other, collaboration instead of competition and unity in love.

This is a guide to facilitate social media connections among UM Young Clergy.

  • Join the Facebook Group – UMC Young Clergy (http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=14163293652)
  • Tags or categories for blogging, Flickr, Delicious, etc.
    • umyc – all things related to UMC clergy under age 35
    • umc – all things related to the United Methodist Church
  • Twitter
    • #umyc – all things related to UMC clergy under age 35
    • #umc – all things related to the United Methodist Church
    • Add yourself to http://wefollow.com under #umyc
  • Annual Conference Specific
    • Add your annual conference as a prefix to the above. For example, for the Kansas West Annual Conference it would be “kswumyc” for a blog post about clergy under age 35 in the Kansas West Annual Conference or “#kswumc” for a tweet about the United Methodist Church in the Kansas West Annual Conference.
  • Continue to visit UMC Young Clergy (http://www.umcyoungclergy.com) as it will continue to be updated over the coming months.

Next Step

Share this document with others. Feel free to copy and paste the entire text for a blog post and add an appropriate introduction. You can use the short cut – http://bit.ly/umycsocialmedia