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How to Launch Online Worship or an Internet Campus for Your Church

This is a collection of posts from this blog that you might find helpful when considering beginning online worship or an internet campus at your church. These are collected blog posts from my experience as Pastor of Resurrection Online. Before Launch 4 Ways to Consider “Spiritualising the Internet” Four Narratives for Online Spiritual Community Top […]

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My Response to Top 12 Questions before Launching Online Worship

A couple weeks ago I posted the Top 12 Questions before Launching Online Worship and received the request that I share some of our responses to these questions from Resurrection Online. These will be brief responses. For each of these questions there were long conversations that lead to these conclusions. In addition, the answers to […]

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Top 12 Questions before Launching Online Worship

Resurrection Online has been streaming worship since November of 2008. If you are considering launching an online worship service at your faith community, you first have clear answers to these questions first: Why are we launching online worship? Why does worshiping online make sense within the culture of our church? Will this effort be supported […]

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Chris Brogan and Digital Church

I am glad that Chris Brogan had a good experience with church online at Chris is a well known social media practitioner and has a good deal of influence in some circles. He wrote about his experience with worship online at Digital Church. I am glad that more people are spreading the word about church […]


Institute: Prayer Squares (2 of 5)

I spent last week at a youth camp, Institute 2010: God’s All Stars, which is a ministry of the Conference Council on Youth Ministry of the Kansas East Annual Conference. This post is part of a series reflecting on the week and making applications for the local church. Part of the practice of the week at […]

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4 Steps to Starting an Online Worship Service

As Pastor of Resurrection Online, I have heard from several others who are interested in starting an online worship service. I suggest the following: 1 – Ask the Right Questions Pastor(s), key staff and volunteers need to be able to have clear answers to the following questions: Why are we considering starting an online worship […]

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Top Indicators of an Unhealthy Church

There are clear indicators of effective clergy that would ensure that she or he would receive an appointment regardless of whether her or his appointment is guaranteed in the United Methodist Church. There are also churches that are more and less healthy. In April, the Connectional Table of the United Methodist Church suggested that there […]

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Preaching = Fun

Yesterday morning, I had the opportunity to preach at the Heritage Service at Resurrection Leawood. This is the first service on Sunday at Resurrection beginning at 7:45 AM. It was the first time that I had lead worship in several months and it felt really good. We considered the story of Jesus washing the feet […]


Speedlinking – June 18, 2010

A post I hope you’ll choose to read… reminded me of the long line of faithful people who have supported me. I recognized some of my own tendencies and found encouragement at Adrenaline Junkie. 90-Seconds of Oh My has the best public service announcement I have ever seen. My sister is blogging through a summer […]

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Internet #FAIL at Resurrection Online

The past Sunday morning was not a great at Resurrection Online. First, here is a normal graph of connections from the evening service on June 13: The blue line is the number of computers that are connected and the green is the estimated worship attendance. The black line at the bottom is the iPhone stream […]

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Who are the major competitors to Resurrection Online?

I am working with a design firm on a redesign of the Resurrection Online website and part of the process is an assessment of the current website, including: “Who are your major “competitors”?” I can tell you that it is not primarily other churches. For Resurrection Online, competitors include All other content on the web. […]


Contemporvant Worship

You may have already seen this video. If you have, it may be worth another look. If you haven’t take a look, it’s hilarious. Thanks to Tall Skinny Kiwi’s post for drawing my attention to the video. And for a look at another in this genre, just for fun…