iCampus – What type of format?

This is a series of responses to questions about an internet campus from a previous series of posts. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments and I will try to respond to each one. Thanks!

I received this question from Jim Morrow via Facebook.

What kind of format and approach really excites you? 2nd life? a website w/streaming? something else?

Currently, Clif Guy, is working with developers to prototype an interface for what I think will be a website with streaming. It will likely be similar in experience to one of our physical campuses. We are not currently thinking about utilizing Second Life.

I am most grateful to my mom for suggesting that maybe internet campus worship would feel different than physical campus worship. Until she made that suggestion a couple weeks ago, I had thought primarily of an internet campus experience closely mirroring the experience of a physical campus. It would not have to be and may be more effective in the online community if it did not. Some ideas that I have rolled around in my head since then:

  • A visual prayer time, something like what you get at Wordle.
  • Shorter, more frequent teaching content – no longer than you could upload at YouTube.

Distinguishing the online experience from a physical experience would have pros and cons, but is quite intriguing for me right now

What do you think about my responses? How would you respond to this question?

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LifeChurch.tv Internet Campus – Live (6 of 8)

One of the things that I found to be most fascinating in the trip to LifeChurch.tv was that currently the content used for the internet campus is not live. While the content (video stream) is not live, the worship experience is live. Those who are there to worship together make the experience live, even though the content was recorded at a worship experience at an earlier time.

They had previously had live streaming from one of the physical campuses, but found that this did not allow for production for the internet campus to match what was happening in the video stream. It turns out that people do not care if the content is live, the experience is live and worship happens.

Who knew?