World Malaria Day 2008 – An Invitation

My dad, Mark Conard, made me aware of World Malaria Day 2008 at this post.

He also made this invitation:

This year, with exactly one month to go before “World Malaria Day 2008,” I want to invite whoever reads this to make a contribution to “Nothing But Nets.” You only have to give $10.00 to make possible one bed net, which will literally be a lifesaver for a child, a youth, or perhaps a family.

I will personally give $10.00 for “Nothing But Nets” for everyone who lets me know between now and then of their gift! (This is only valid for the first 100 people who let me know!)

I am passing the invitation along to you. Give a net for $10. Visit this post and leave a comment.

Let’s change the world.