Celebrate Grandpa’s Birthday

This weekend, Nicole and I are traveling to Plains, KS to celebrate my grandpa’s birthday. There will be a big gathering of my aunts, uncles and cousins. The fun will include a garage sale, an amazing race, cookout at the lake, singing special music in worship and birthday dinner at the church.

This will be the first time that I have been back to Plains since last summer when my grandma died.

It will be good to celebrate and see family. I am looking forward to a long, meaningful and fun weekend.

Stories from Easter (3 of 4)

Nicole and I had the privilege to serve as ushers at the 3:00 PM service which was a new thing for me. Volunteers were low for that service and Nicole and I were assigned to section N (center in the mezzanine, for you Resurrection folks). It gave me a new appreciation for the role that the ushers play and recognized the great value in all the volunteers that make worship on any given weekend possible.

Thanks to all of you who make worship possible on any given weekend!