Non-Negotiables for Church Staff

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I was inspired by Alexandra Bornkessel to consider What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

I have four non-negotiables for church staff. They are:

  • Commitment – You need to be committed to Christ and to the mission of the church. If this is missing, there is really no use continuing a conversation about possible involvement.
  • Passion – You need to be passionate about the mission of the organization. You don’t have to be turning cartwheels whenever you are working, however you need at least a glimmer of excitement about what you are doing.
  • Hope – You must be hopeful about the future. This applies to the future of God’s kingdom coming fully into the world and to the future of the organization – the best days are ahead, not behind.
  • Flexibility – It is certain that there will be a changing environment both inside and outside the church. You need to be willing to flex in your responsibilities and pitch in when others need help, even if it is outside your primary responsibilities.

What are your non-negotiables for church staff?

Sparked: Micro Volunteer Opportunities

I am looking for ways to develop serving opportunities for those who worship with Resurrection Online. An intriguing model that may be helpful in this effort is from Sparked. I cannot do a better job of explaining the concept than their About Page, so here is an excerpt from their website. What are your thoughts, feelings or opinions about this possibility?

Sparked is the world’s first micro-volunteering network.

Most of us live incredibly busy lives. With 60 hour work-weeks, kids, running errands, and the stress of everything else, it’s difficult to take an entire day off to volunteer. But, we do have spare time. Every single day, we spend nearly 400 million hours on Facebook and we watch over two billion Youtube videos. What if we could complete a useful volunteer activity in that same time?

Busy people use Sparked to give back when it’s convenient.

Sparked makes it easy for people with busy lives to help nonprofits get valuable work done when it’s convenient. We call it micro-volunteering. Through the convenience of the Internet, and with the collaboration of others, micro-volunteers use their professional skills to help causes they care about. Get started!

Nonprofits use Sparked to get work done for free.

Sometimes the best way to fundraise is simply to save money. Sparked helps nonprofits increase their capacity by giving them a low-maintenance way to get free work done from a huge pool of talented professionals; including creative design, job description review, new product brainstorms, new website focus-grouping, media relations strategies, and so more. No hoops, no handholding, no interviews, no overhead.Start getting work done!

How it works.

Nonprofits post challenges to the network. Volunteers post one or more answers to each challenge. A challenge could be anything from, “Can you critique these logo designs?” to “How can we raise funds to drill a well in Kenya?” When volunteers have a free moment, they find a challenge that’s interesting to them and that matches their skills. When they’ve found a challenge that suits them, they post an answer.

The innovation.

Sparked brings crowdsourcing technology home to everyday nonprofits. Successful crowdsourcing examples such as Wikipedia, 99-Designs, Galaxy Zoo, The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office‘s Peer to Patent, and Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, have proven that with the right technology, millions of people can come together online to share their skills and complete complex tasks.

Speedlinking – October 22, 2010

A Story of Serving through Resurrection Online

Resurrection has partnered with six schools in downtown Kansas City – three in Missouri and three in Kansas. For the past several summers, this partnership has involved completely painting and refurbishing the school building along with installing a playground through a project called Bless the School. This summer Diane, a Resurrection Online attender from Ohio, heard the call to serve through online worship. She emailed me about the possibility of volunteering to help with Bless the School. She recognized that it did not make sense to fly down to roll a paintbrush. However, she works with NASA and volunteered to connect with Welborn for professional development and to improve science test scores. Last week, she and a colleague flew to town to meet with the principal and other leaders at Welborn.

It was a blessing for me to meet an online worshiper in person and to see the connection between her and the school. I am proud of Diane listening to God‘s call to serve and for Resurrection Online’s role in helping make the connection. This is a picture of Diane meeting the principal at Welborn Elementary School.

For another story of Resurrection Online making connections, check out Purraise Him.