Resources at Thoughts of Resurrection

I am in my third year serving as a pastor and have developed some resources that I have found to be useful in ministry and may be useful for you. You can find them on the Resources page. I have increasingly been using Google Documents as a tool for ministry. It keeps all my things in one searchable place that can be accessed in the same way in any location with internet access. This has been quite helpful during this season when I find myself at church, hospital (CPE) or home.

Feel free to check out and use the resources and make sure to send me an email if you find them useful. Enjoy!

Service of Death and Resurrection – Template

I have found that when caring for a family at the time of death and in preparation for a final service it can be quite helpful to provide clear guidance throughout the process. The service of death and resurrection as outlined in the United Methodist Book of Worship is an excellent guide for the service. To maximize the time that I am able to spend caring for the family, I have created a template document for a Service of Death and Resurrection from the United Methodist Book of Worship. I have added a few adaptations. You can download it in a  variety of versions here:

A Service of Death and Resurrection Template for Clergy, Pastors, and Preacher

I hope that this may be helpful for you in ministry.