Internet Campus – What’s in a name?

Is internet campus the right name for what we are seeking to do at Resurrection?

I have been leading a strategic project team for 2009 around the following goal:

In 2009, we’ll expand our connection with online worshipers, launch a pilot “house church” using the live web stream and explore opportunities for launching additional campuses in Kansas City and beyond.

I will become internet campus pastor on July 1, with the above goal being my primary job description. I am not sure that the word “internet” is the best descriptor for a network that would include online worshippers and micro churches (house churches) that would physically meet. So here is what I have been pondering in my mind:

Resurrection Network Campus (Pastor)

Network could refer to internet, but it could also refer to a network of physical groups that meet to worship, grow, give and serve.

What’s in a name? What do you suggest?