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Telling the Story: An Example from the @OlatheChamber

I appreciate a well told story. Telling stories is one of the most effective ways to lead a community or congregation. The church that I serve, Resurrection West, is a member of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce who recently released a video to promote Olathe. This model could be effective for a wide variety of […]


Blue Like Jazz The Movie

I haven’t read the book, but I may go see the movie. How about you?

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Facebook is Worthless for the Future

Let me explain… Throughout my life, I have kept a regular journal on and off throughout the years. I have a stack of journals from elementary, high school and college in our basement. Currently, I have been keeping a one sentence journal up to date. I am looking at options (Office Drop for the outsource […]


StoryCorps – Animations

I love StoryCorps and hope to record similar stories with my friends, relatives and congregation one of these days. The latest project is Animations. Check it out at

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The Rabbit and the Elephant – a review

I recently finished reading The Rabbit and the Elephant: Why Small Is the New Big for Today’s Church by Tony & Felicity Dale and George Barna. This book offers the perspective that the church may be more effective in making disciples of Jesus Christ by multiplying rapidly rather than seeking to grow larger. The authors […]


Church Leadership Lesson from Disney’s Up

My wife, Nicole, and went to see Disney’s Up in RealD 3D. It was a fantastic movie. I laughed, I cried and I connected with the characters. It was my first 3-D movie, as well, and it was very well done. The 3-D added to the experience and was not used gratuitously. Along with enjoying […]

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This is Good Juice!

Last night I had the great opportunity to serve communion at KidsCOR for family communion which gives families an opportunity to receive communion together as a family. One of the interactions with the kids was priceless. Child: (a few feet away, to Mom) What do I do? Mom: You go get the bread first. (Child […]

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How do you measure life change?

Just over a year ago, I considered the difference between worship attendance and discipleship. Today I am thinking about a related question. How do you measure life change? I know, trust and hope that lives are changed through my ministry at Resurrection and the collected life and ministry of this local faith community. But how […]


Transformational Architecture: Reshaping Our Lives as Narrative

I found Transformational Architecture: Reshaping Our Lives as Narrative by Ron Martoia to be an excellent book that reaffirms the importance of telling the whole story in scripture when having spiritual conversations with non or nominally religious people. Martoia asserts that a focus on the brokenness of people without telling of the creation of humanity in […]


Stories from Easter (1 of 4)

Throughout the Easter weekend, I had four people wish me “Merry Christmas” after the worship service. I am not making this up. Although, I must admit that shortly after one of these occasions I managed to wish someone “Merry Easter.”