@HarvardBiz and the UMC: The Right Mindset for Success

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One of my favorite podcasts is the HBR IdeaCast. Episode 283, The Right Mindset for Success, focuses on the distinctions between a fixed and growth mindset. One of the most helpful portions was about supervision and management. This list, from Carol Dweck, describes the methods and message that a manager or leader could give to new employees that would put them into a growth mindset:

  • We value passion, dedication, growth and learning; not genius.
  • We do not expect that you have arrived here fully formed. We expect that you have arrived here ready to learn.
  • We expect you to stretch beyond your comfort zone and take reasonable risks. We do not expect you to do the same thing you are good at over and over and stay in your comfort zone.
  • We value and reward process, taking on big but reasonable challenges, dogged pursuit of challenges and teamwork.
  • Even without success we reward that you have engaged in the process in a wholehearted and smart way.

I have much to learn from these methods in the way that I supervise staff and volunteers. These methods would be helpful for:

  • Pastors with staff and volunteers
  • Board of Ordained Ministry with candidates
  • Bishops and District Superintendents with appointed clergy.

All Staff Lunch at Resurrection

Yesterday I had a good time as part of the All Staff Lunch at Resurrection. We have these about once a quarter and outside of our weekly staff chapel worship experience it is one of the only times that our entire staff of over 200 gathers together in one place. Here is a brief rundown of the agenda:

  • Lunch – burgers and dog courtesy of Chris Cakes (who knew they cooked up anything other than breakfast food?!)
  • Introduced 10 new staff people since our last all staff lunch in February – including Anthony James, Software / Web Developer who will add significantly to Resurrection Online’s development.
  • Spiritual Retreat Center Update – Latest plans for future development
  • Employee Handbook – Newly refreshed and available for all staff 🙂
  • Wellness Challenge – This time around focusing on eating fruits and vegetables, sleep and exercise.
  • Destination Resurrection – focus on engagement at each of our locations over the summer
  • Annual Conference hosted at Resurrection – The Kansas East Annual Conference will meet for the first time at Resurrection this year.
  • Multi Campus – Future developments for multiple campuses including reorganization to support additional campuses.
  • Input and Dreams next 10 years of ministry at Resurrection

It is really a great time with other staff. Oh and I nearly forgot, that I was part of the “game show” featuring married or engaged couples on staff a la The Newlywed Game. A good time was had by all.

Cheering Section for (your title here)

I am heading out of town tonight and will not be present for the first annual Resurrection staff flag football match tomorrow. You can read more about it here:

Flag Football Fighting

flag football conspiracy-indulge me

While I am disappointed that I will be out of town I will put forward some names for the event. Feel free to put your vote in or suggest your own.

The First Annual:

  • Resurrection Rumble
  • Rumble at Resurrection
  • Fall Classic at Resurrection
  • Campus Competition: Pigskin Edition
  • CART Team Classic
  • Resurrection Bowl

Blogging 101 Presentation and Resources

This morning I made this presentation for a group of 15-20 Resurrection staff and a friend from another local church.

My hope was to raise awareness about blogging and equip others to begin blogging. You can find all of the resources that I used here.

If you were there – what did you think? Feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Speedlinking – March 18, 2008

Blogging 101: Introduction

I hope to equip other Resurrection staff to blog. In a few weeks, I will be leading a set of two workshops:

  • Blogging 101: Introduction – What is it? Why would I want to do it?
  • Blogging 201: Getting Started – Hands on at a computer

Here is the deal, I need your help in making sure that this is the best possible presentation. I have developed the following presentation for use in the 101 course. I will use Keynote live so the transitions and formatting will be much smoother, but the main content is here.


After presentation with the staff, I hope to be able to better develop this online and as a resource for others.

In regard to this presentation:

  • What needs to be added?
  • What would you change?
  • What might be added in a follow up document to go with the presentation?