Pre Marital Appointment via Skype

In a couple weeks, I will be officiating at the wedding of a couple who have recently moved to Texas. I met with them in person several months ago for our initial pre marital appointment. They were not able to travel to Kansas to be present again before the week of their wedding and asked if we could meet online for their next appointment. Despite being Pastor of Resurrection, this was my first premarital appointment online.

It was a great experience.

Like other online interactions I have experienced, it was helpful to have met them in person before. I would definitely do it again, as needed. What kinds of pastoral interactions have you had online? Internet Campus – Care (5 of 8)

As I am currently serving as a Congregational Care pastor at Resurrection, I was particularly interested to hear how does care on their Internet Campus.

There is a team of volunteers that serves to pray with people live before, during and after the worship experience. This seems to be a key area in which care is provided for the people of the internet campus. Life groups (small groups) are encouraged to be able to respond to life events. The life groups that meet physically may be able to provide this support more tangibly than those that meet online.

Brandon Donaldson, Internet Campus Pastor, does have counseling sessions with members of the internet campus – primarily via phone, although Skype has also been used for this purpose.