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I am proud of… my sister

My sister, Kristin Conard, is a fun loving, hip English teacher at Rider and Rutgers University. She has more adventure in her little finger than many people have in their entire body. I am proud of the way that she has pursued her dreams and doesn’t let geography get in the way. She has studied […]

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My Crafty Sister (or still looking for Christmas presents?)

My sister is an english teacher at Rutgers and another college in New Jersey. She also has quite a knack for making jewelry. From her website: If you are looking for unique, modern, handmade jewelry for yourself or to give to someone you love, and if you believe (like I do) that jewelry can look […]

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Relationship with the Son and Holy Spirit

What is a correct relationship between the Son / Holy Spirit and me? Who can I depend on for strength in time of weakness? I believe that it is faithful to consider yourself a child of God the Father, a sister or brother of God the Son and as one living with God the Holy […]