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Gospel according to BRGR

How’s this for an “About Us” page on church website? First United Methodist Church (First UMC) brings you a fresh adaptation of the most classic faith concept around. The gospel of Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem and bred across the world as a way of reconciling people to God, but it’s grown up a […]

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6qumc – What I learned about focus…

I learned the value of focus from 6 Questions for The United Methodist Church.There were a large number of topics which diluted the focus and made it more confusing to participate. For a similar project in the future, I would change the topics to less than seven. I could have learned this lesson from Simple […]

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When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine at Church

I subscribed to Wired Magazine this year and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The most recent issue contains an article that has been influential in the way that I think about church ministry. I highly recommend that you read – The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine by Robert Capps. Skype, netbooks, […]



One of the simplest and best explanations of prophecy that I have ever seen. Thanks, deviantmonk! Speaking of prophecy, who would you name as prophets today?