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Listen for God’s Yes and No

I want to add a postcript to my recent reflections on Calling in Your Life. My Ethics professor in seminary reminded our class: If God says yes to a particular opportunity in your life, God may say no to that same opportunity in the future. It is important to continue to listen to God – both […]

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My Call to Ministry

My call to ministry has been a chain of experiences that have brought me to my current understanding of God’s call in my life. In the summer of 2002, I realized that God was not calling me to a career in biology, my field of study at the time. I considered many possibilities for life […]


Name Your Price – Church, Faith and Theology Books

I am uncluttering my bookshelves and you can benefit. Name your price on any or all of the books that you can find here – Send me an email at andrew.conard (at) cor . org with “Name Your Price” in the subject line. Include the titles that you want and your offer price. I […]