What You are Searching For – 2Q

These are the top search terms over the past quarter that lead to viewing my blog – http://andrewconard.com. What does this list tell you about this blog or about searching people do on the internet?

Search Views
immanent trinity 125
methodist hymns for funerals 79
church attire 72
methodist funeral hymns 63
proper church attire 54
appropriate church attire 33
united methodist polity 33
united methodist service of death and re 31
united methodist service death resurrect 28
spontaneous prayer 28
service of death and resurrection 27
top ten funeral hymns 26
economic trinity 25
andrew conard 23
invitation to offering 22
pastoral prayers 20
why did jesus not want to be called mess 18
gracepoint church wichita 18
adam hamilton homosexuality 16
church attire for women 16
missionary religions 16
spontaneous prayers 16
offering invitation 16
immanent and economic trinity 15
appropriate attire for church 15
http://www.cor.org/li2010 15
primary characteristics of united method 15
united methodist funeral hymns 14
economic and immanent trinity 14
missionary religion 14
methodist polity 13
pastoral prayer 13
economic trinity immanent trinity 13
methodist hymns funerals 13
“immanent trinity” 13
anoint my head with oil 12
invitation to the offering 12
what is the role and significance of the 12
is christianity a missionary religion 12
funeral hymns methodist 11
granger umc 11
attire for church 11
proper attire for church 11
describe your understanding of diakonia 11
explain the role and significance of the 10
adam hamilton sermons 10
top 10 funeral hymns 10
ordination in the context of the general 9
hymns for funerals 9
“what is the meaning of ordination in th 9

Day and Data after Ash Wednesday

I preached last night at the Ash Wednesday service at Resurrection Central. I believe that God used me to introduce and remind people of God’s story, their story and to offer the invitation to connect the two.

Throughout the day yesterday, I found that I was getting a significant traffic spike here at Thoughts of Resurrection. I found that it was coming through searches. Here is a comparison of the search terms that people used to visit my blog since Monday:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Search Views
thoughts of resurrection 4
does god answer all of a persons prayers 2
andrew conard 2
proper dress attire for church 1
different attire on church 1
lydia circle 1
prayer of thanks for resurrection 1
god answers prayer 1
icon: the trinity 1
wikipedia pastoral education 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Search Views
ash wednesday sermons 7
ash wednesday sermon 5
sermon central and ash wed. service 2
10 prayers god answers 2
ash wednesday 2009 sermons 2
andrew conard 2
lent mars hill bible church 2
proper church attire 1
god answers prayers in three ways 1
pastoral prayers 1

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Search Views
ash wednesday sermon 46
ash wednesday sermons 17
ash wednesday thoughts 4
methodist fasting rules 3
church attire 2
united methodist book of discipline onli 2
ash wednesdaysermon 2
ash wed sermon 2
andrew conard 2
ash wednesday sermon umc 2

What does this data tell you?