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Writing a Prayer of Confession

It is not often that I confess in writing. Most often, I confess verbally. There is something different about putting your sins down on paper. Seeing the words on the page makes them more tangible and seem more ugly. The sheet of paper is filled up with things of which I am not proud in […]

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Internet : Today’s Pastor :: Fields : John Wesley

The internet is the market square of today. It is a place where people who have no interest in church, faith or religion may be found and invited into a journey of knowing, loving and serving God. Several hundred years ago, John Wesley preached repentance in the fields and the market square and invited people […]


Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday – the beginning of the season of Lent. As we begin this season, I want to give you two invitations. Worship at the Ash Wednesday service tonight at 7:00 PM. This service is a time of reflection, renewal and repentance. Pray and read scripture each day in preparation for Lent using […]