Reflecting on the Trinity

I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking and writing about the Trinity this week. Thanks to Kim and Kyle for the invitation to be a part of the Sunday morning small group taster out of which these questions originated. For more information about the source of these questions read the post – What is the Trinity?

My sincere thanks to each person in the taster who submitted a question and who were a part of the discussion. We are all theologians.

Physics of the Trinity

Please walk me through the physics of the Trinity.

I believe that the Trinity exists in a way of being that is quite different from the way of existence that we understand as humans. I do not think that there is any way of understanding the Trinity in terms of physics. I would certainly not claim to be able to articulate the physics of the Trinity.

The Trinity certainly has the ability to act outside of the laws of physics. For example, the belief in creation out of nothing is something that God accomplished yet is far outside the understandings of modern physics.

What do you think? This is the best I’ve got…

This question came out of a young adult small group taster last Sunday morning in which I taught about the question “What is the Trinity?”