Self Soothing: What do you do?

It was a big milestone in our family when our son learned to self sooth. The primary action for him in calming down and being able to go to sleep or stop crying is to suck his thumb. When I was in conversation with someone a couple weeks ago, I realized that there are things that I do to self soothe as well. They include:

What do you do to self soothe? What habits or practices do you have that help calm you down?

Zimbabwe: Church and Community (5 of 8)

In Zimbabwe, there did not seem to be a separation between personal holiness and social holiness.

One of the sites that we visited was planning on drilling a water well that would be able to provide water for the church members and the community. This would prevent the need to get up at 3:00 or 4:00 AM to retrieve water every day. If I remember correctly, the pastor placed this at the top of the list for the church – over getting a roof on their sanctuary.

Among the gathering that day was the tribal leaders – a man and a woman. The chief spoke on behalf of the community and spoke to the importance of the church’s priorities for the good of the entire community.

The goals of the church matched the goals of the community.

Seek the peace and prosperity of the city…

Speedlinking – January 2, 2009