You Can’t Lead Beyond the Leader

Cape Resurrection
Cape Resurrection (Photo credit: DCSL)

Last week, someone shared with me an insight that they had gained serving as a volunteer at Resurrection.

You can’t lead beyond the leader.

If you are not ultimately responsible for a ministry area, worship service, congregation, or nearly any other grouping of people there is always some limit on what you can implement. The leader has to make space for engagement, different perspectives and empower those that are being lead.

As a leader, equipping others is one of the most important things that I do.

As a follower, patience, encouragement and service are valuable in making progress.

Seeding a Lawn (or a Life)

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to verticut and seed our lawn. This was a first for me as Nicole and I are homeowners for just over a year. I learned some things that have application in life.

  • Choose the right seed – What you choose to plant will determine what will grow
  • Mow the lawn before verticutting – Some experiences in life require preparation to receive the most benefit.
  • Make sure to water after planting – Like choosing the right seed, follow up care matters for growth in our life.
  • Be patient – Not all the seed will take and that is okay.
  • Chopping up the yard can be helpful for its health – growth can come through change and pain

I pray that I continue to sow seed through my life that will produce fruit for God’s kingdom in my life.

I pray that others will sow seed in me that will find good soil.

I pray that God will continue to shape my life even if it means chopping up my desires.