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Transition: M-R Pastor of Congregational Care

This week, Bishop Jones announced that Rev. Steven Blair will be appointed to Resurrection on November 1 and will be responsible for those whose last names begin with M through R. You can read the full update to Resurrection here. I have known Steven for several years and he is an excellent pastor and a […]

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Picnic Monday!

Today, I neither had a picnic nor is it Monday, but I had a great time picnicking with a group of those in the congregation whose last names begin with M-R. We met at the Young Christian Outdoor Recreation Park off 199th on 69 highway. Each night this week there has been a different pastor […]


Potluck at Resurrection

After 2.5 years here at Resurrection, I am looking forward to a first for me here. A potluck dinner. You read that right. This will be the first time that I have been to a potluck dinner at the church and to my knowledge this week is the first time that the church has hosted […]


Pastor Andrew welcomes the N-R Pastorate to my blog

Hi, my name is Andrew Conard, pastor for those whose last names begin with N-R at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Welcome to my blog, Thoughts of Resurrection. I hope that you will take time to explore some of the top posts here over the past month. Check back for new posts regularly. […]