Are You Making Progress on the Issues that You Care About?

One of the Kansas Leadership Center’s Civic Leadership Principles is: Our own defaults, how we would usually or unconsciously react or intervene in a situation, can be significant barriers to making progress on the issues we care about. There is a lot to be said for this principle as well as the others in the […]


Father’s Day 2011

Father’s Day is celebrated across the globe to honor fathers and celebrate fatherhood. This is the Father’s Day for me when I celebrate the reality of being a father myself. Our son is a great gift and it is fantastic to celebrate with him. In addition to this being my first Father’s Day as a […]

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What is proper church attire?

I received the following email from a Resurrection attender last month. I have included my response below and some additional thoughts. They have each been edited for anonymity. Email Received: Has Pastor Adam ever broached the subject with the congregation on appropriate attire when attending church? I imagine that this is a rather sticky subject, […]