Telling the Story: An Example from the @OlatheChamber

I appreciate a well told story.

Telling stories is one of the most effective ways to lead a community or congregation.

The church that I serve, Resurrection West, is a member of the Olathe Chamber of Commerce who recently released a video to promote Olathe.

This model could be effective for a wide variety of settings to share stories of:

  • Generosity
  • Vital congregations
  • Church conference reporting
  • New church starts

Leadership @KauffmanCenter on Opening Weekend

On Sunday afternoon, Nicole and I met some friends to see the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts as part of the Community Open House. It was a drizzly afternoon and the line was long. We waited in line for over an hour. Along the way, there were volunteers that were present to answer questions or handout a flier about the event. Generally, pretty helpful.

Near the building, I saw a woman with a blue jacket who I first thought was another volunteer greeting people. When we shook hands, I saw her nametag: Jane Chu, CEO.

The CEO was standing outside in the drizzle shaking hands and greeting everyone in line.

I don’t know if she stayed there to greet every one of the over 50,000 people who were at the open house, but it made a distinct positive impression on me. Not inside, not present just at the gala opening previously – outside in the rain, greeting everyone.

This is the kind of leader that I want to be and follow.

Ministry Expenditures ≠ Outcomes

This week, I read The Importance of Outcomes by Gil Rendle and Susan Beaumont. I commend this article to you from The Alban Institute and want to share a key quote:

“The number of hours, visits, calls, reports, and so on is not a measure of what is produced in ministry but rather a measure of what is expended in ministry.”

I was confronted by the blunt reminder that doing things does not necessarily bear fruit in the kingdom of God. God calls us to seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all the tasks, visits, calls and reports will follow or may not be necessary.