Speedlinking – December 11, 2008

I think that this may be a promising use of technology – Nuts & Bolts – Case Study: Retaining the Flock Hire managers of one – I hope that I am one of these… Nice work Xerox! – Let’s Say Thanks I couldn’t help but laugh at Have Yourself an Oriental Trading Company Christmas Making […]

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DVR Church (1 of 2)

My wife, Nicole, and I immensely enjoy our DVR courtesy of our U-verse subscription. Some of my favorite shows are The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and The Office. It is great to be able to watch whenever we want. Is this the right thing for the church? At Resurrection we recently began live streaming […]

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Click in Remembrance of Me

Click in Remembrance of Me is the title of an article that was published in Newsweek on November 3. I invite you to check it out as it provides my first exposure to online church or internet campus being addressed by what I would interpret to be a mainstream media outlet. While having previously found […]