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World Malaria Day 2009

Today is World Malaria Day. I believe that malaria can be eradicated in my life time. Join me in donating a bed net at

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Poverty Blog Action Day

I was inspired by deviant monk’s response to Blog Action Day. He is seeking to truly live out the commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. My wife and I supported Nothing But Nets, which he highlights on Day 14: Nothing But Nets. I encourage you to read more about it at The Scheme Commences […]

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World Malaria Day 2008 – An Invitation

My dad, Mark Conard, made me aware of World Malaria Day 2008 at this post. He also made this invitation: This year, with exactly one month to go before “World Malaria Day 2008,” I want to invite whoever reads this to make a contribution to “Nothing But Nets.” You only have to give $10.00 to […]