Roy Blunt and Robin Carnahan – Are you serious?

I live in Kansas and don’t have a vote in this race, however the local television stations have been playing ads like this for weeks. I am getting a little tired of hearing ads like this. There is no way that this represents a reasonable form of discourse. Anybody out there going to the Rally […]

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A Story of Serving through Resurrection Online

Resurrection has partnered with six schools in downtown Kansas City – three in Missouri and three in Kansas. For the past several summers, this partnership has involved completely painting and refurbishing the school building along with installing a playground through a project called Bless the School. This summer Diane, a Resurrection Online attender from Ohio, […]


Speedlinking – September 10, 2010

Prelude is another great post about a return trip to Vietnam by the Kansas City District Superintendent. Six Keys to Being Excellent at Anything is simple and solid advice. Responsibility and Authority makes a good distinction and provides solid guidance. A statistic with which I was not familiar at Congregate!