Speedlinking – March 6, 2009

Bishop Jones Said… (3 of 4)

Another quote from Bishop Scott Jones at the Kansas East Residency Retreat:

“I am a Methodist preacher and I will go where the church sends me.”

I was struck by the plain missional approach in this statement. Being in ministry is not primarily about my goals, desires or needs. These are an important part of my life, but as a Methodist preacher, it is not my primary guidance as to where to go and how to be in ministry.

God is at work in the process of making appointments and I am committed to be able to say the same thing as Bishop Jones.

I am a Methodist pastor and I will go where the church sends me.

Bishop Jones Said… (2 of 4)

This quote from Bishop Jones came at the Kansas East Residency Retreat in response to a question about what characterizes an effective clergy person.

Effective clergy lead congregations to increasing missional effectiveness.

I really appreciated this answer. I believe it is the right answer for the renewal of the denomination and for encouraging pastors in ways that are helpful.

Christmas Eve Eve

Christmas Eve kicks off at Resurrection today. We invite members of the church to attend one of the services on December 23 so that more room will be available for guests on December 24. Services are at 4:00, 6:00 and 8:00 PM. Here is the promo for the Advent series that has been leading up to the celebration of Jesus birth at Christmas

I love Candlelight Christmas Eve and the willingness to make room for guests.

If you are helping lead worship today or tomorrow, I invite you to join us at http://live.cor.org for the opportunity to worship with us at Resurrection. Our Candlelight Christmas Eve services will be live streamed at http://live.cor.org tonight at 8 pm, or December 24 at 7 PM, 9 PM, or 11 pm CST.

Thoughts on the General Boards and Agencies

This past Saturday I returned from my first visit to an event at one of the general boards and agencies of The United Methodist Church. I was at the General Board of Discipleship for the Open Source Liturgy Project about which you can read in a few previous posts. I believe that this particular project has a lot of potential.

However, I am not confident in the effectiveness of the general boards and agencies of the UMC as a whole. While I was on the trip, I think I figured out why…

  • The boards and agencies are focused on the church.
  • Many local churches that were once focused on those outside the church have changed to an internal focus.

Ideally the boards and agencies would focus on the church and local churches would focus on reaching those outside the church. However, many local churches that were once focused on those outside the church have shifted to an internal focus. The boards and agencies have continued to focus on the church.

One possible path toward greater effectiveness in the denomination would be for the general boards and agencies to no longer resource local churches in ways that are helpful to current members. Instead, provide resource only what will reach non-religious and nominally religious people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

What do you think about this possibility?