2009 RezLife Gulf Coast Mission Trip

I had a great time with some amazing youth last week. 48 students and 12 adults traveled from Resurrection to Lake Charles, Louisiana on Wednesday, July 8 and arrived back in town on Tuesday, July 14. I had the privilege of building relationships with both students and adult leaders. Out of the many things that I experienced, here are a couple great things:

  • People that care have an amazing ability to self organize and get things done. I witnessed this at both the work site where I served and among the entire group. These students care about serving God and being in relationship with others.
  • There is a nearly unlimited potential for each of these students. As life goes on, each of us has the chance to say yes to some things which means saying no to other things. For each of these students the future is wide open. There are very few things which might not be possible for any of them. There are students with whom I had the privilege to be on the trip who have clear gifts for ministry. I am excited about the future for them.

I was anxious before the trip as it was the first mission trip on which I had served as a leader. It was also the most significant leadership that I have had with students at Resurrection. The trip was amazing for me and a highlight of the year. Thanks to each of you – students and adults – who contributed to the experience. It is an honor to serve Christ with you.

Going to Louisiana

Tomorrow morning I am headed out with a team of students from Resurrection on a mission trip to the Gulf Coast. We will be back next week.

It is my first mission trip since being appointed to Resurrection.

I am excited and anticipating God’s work within and without.

I invite your prayers for the team as we travel and serve.

I am going to take a blogging break while away and will provide an update when I get back.

RezLife Gulf Coast Mission Trip

I am headed to the Gulf Coast on a Mission Trip with RezLife (student ministries at Resurrection) July 8 to 14. Here is some information from the website:

Over the last several years the Gulf Coast has been hit with many strong hurricanes. Many communities were and still are devastated. These communities are cleaning up and people are rebuilding their lives after these hurricanes. Church of the Resurrection continues to send volunteer teams to the gulf region. This summer rezlife will again join in this effort by sending a team to Lake Charles, LA.

During our mission we will take on whatever assignments are available at the time of their trip, but hope to focus our efforts on helping homeowners with rebuilding.

I am headed to an informational meeting tonight at the church. I am excited to be a part of this experience.

And I’ll admit, I am looking forward to some in person Wisdom for the People.