2010 #kswumc – Zimbabwe Partnership

Yesterday I focused a lot of my energy around the covenant between the Kansas West and Zimbabwe East Annual Conferences. It was my responsibility to pull together the team that shared stories of the trip and presented the legislation. While not speaking, I probably got more anxious than was strictly necessary trying to corral the effort. It went great. Wonderful stories and testimonies shared, excellent video production, good discussion from the floor and in the end a unanimous approval. Following the presentation was the Taste of Zimbabwe dinner. I cooked up some of the vegetables over lunch break during conference and served sadza and rice during the meal. Bishop Nhiwatiwa spoke just the right amount and was encouraging, insightful and funny. I have found his words meaningful every time that he has addressed a group of which I have been a part.

A few other highlights from yesterday:

  • Starting off the day with a presentation of Godspell
  • Responding to Wesley’s historic questions in front of the annual conference along with the others to be ordained tonight.
  • Hearing the stories of the retirees in their own words at the retirement service last night. Especially, my Aunt Karen Osterman Fieser as she retired from over 25 years as a chaplain at Wesley Medical Center.
  • Meaningful conversations with various colleagues throughout the day.

It is good to be here.

6 Powerful Words

I have been praying for you.

These are powerful words.

One of my friends, Ryan, said them to me this week. He indicated that he had specifically been praying for me throughout the month of July.

July was a month of surprises and transitions for me, but I had been able to respond in ways that surprised others and even myself. I had attributed it to catching up and having some extra time in my schedule after the end of clinical pastoral education and vacation. This may be partially true, but I believe that my friend’s prayers were foundational to the goodness in the month of July.

Sometimes people ask, “What would be helpful for you?” My most common response is, “Pray for God’s will to be done in my life and that I might be about God’s work and let me know that you are praying.”

Thanks, Ryan.