Chris Brogan and Digital Church

I am glad that Chris Brogan had a good experience with church online at Chris is a well known social media practitioner and has a good deal of influence in some circles. He wrote about his experience with worship online at Digital Church.

I am glad that more people are spreading the word about church online. Resurrection Online ( is still in its infancy and has room to grow. A rising tide lifts all boats.

Speedlinking – July 2, 2010

Speedlinking – August 19, 2009

–  from From my Dad’s trip to Africa

Internet Campus – Conclusion (8 of 8)

This wraps up the series on the benchmarking trip to to look at their internet campus. I want to make sure you know where we have been and where we are going on this series. First, previous posts in this series:

Next week, I am going to respond to some questions about internet campus including:

  • Why start an internet campus?
  • What about sacraments?
  • What about the Book of Discipline?
  • What about the incarnation?
  • How could the connection be utilized?

What else? I want to hear your hardest questions that you have when thinking about an internet campus and will seek to respond to each one. You can post a comment here or email me directly with the link in the About Me page. Thanks. Internet Campus – Terry Storch (7 of 8)

We were able to spend some dedicated time with Terry Storch while we were at and I wanted to share what amounts to notes from a brain dump / Q and A time with him. Good stuff.

  • Don’t look at spending a lot of time for a final release incorporating all the features
    • Look at getting the 40% that you want to nail done right. Then work at getting the next version with the next set of features.
  • If you try to build it all in the first place it is likely that you will get:
    • 40% right on
    • 30% not what you wanted at all or is actually useless
    • 30% is average functionality
  • It may be easier to do something offline or physically than it is to do it technologically
    • Downloading a PDF, adding a check and sending it in the mail may be the best option over an online solution
  • You can’t solve every problem by throwing better technology at it.
  • Part of his role is to bring altitude and perspective to the particular ministry area
    • Is this really a problem worth trying to solve?
    • What is the problem that you are really trying to solve?
    • How much time is it really going to take?
  • You may end up saying no because it is not worth the time and effort. Internet Campus – Live (6 of 8)

One of the things that I found to be most fascinating in the trip to was that currently the content used for the internet campus is not live. While the content (video stream) is not live, the worship experience is live. Those who are there to worship together make the experience live, even though the content was recorded at a worship experience at an earlier time.

They had previously had live streaming from one of the physical campuses, but found that this did not allow for production for the internet campus to match what was happening in the video stream. It turns out that people do not care if the content is live, the experience is live and worship happens.

Who knew? Internet Campus – Care (5 of 8)

As I am currently serving as a Congregational Care pastor at Resurrection, I was particularly interested to hear how does care on their Internet Campus.

There is a team of volunteers that serves to pray with people live before, during and after the worship experience. This seems to be a key area in which care is provided for the people of the internet campus. Life groups (small groups) are encouraged to be able to respond to life events. The life groups that meet physically may be able to provide this support more tangibly than those that meet online.

Brandon Donaldson, Internet Campus Pastor, does have counseling sessions with members of the internet campus – primarily via phone, although Skype has also been used for this purpose.