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What I Learned from the Board of Ordained Ministry

Several weeks ago, I interviewed with the Board of Ordained Ministry in Kansas West and was continued as a provisional member of the conference. This is good news. It means that next year I will be eligible to be fully ordained and have all the rights and responsibilities of a clergy person within the United […]

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UMYC Booth at Annual Conference

I reserved a booth at Kansas West Annual Conference for young clergy and have the following ideas… Gathering place for young clergy Distribution of social media guide for UM Young Clergy Distribution of physical copy of 40 days of prayer initiative Share ideas for young clergy gatherings throughout the year Potentially a place to audio […]


UM Young Clergy Bracket Challenge

I cordially invite all United Methodist Young Clergy to take part in NCAA Bracket Challenge at You will need to create a login with CBS first. After that, the password is the full name of the founder of Methodism in one word & lower case. For example (andrewconard). Tricky, I know… If you would […]

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United Methodist Young Clergy Social Media Guide

Visit Social Media Guide We are a movement of young pastors committed to the fact that God is not done working among us. The numbers and statistics may tell us the end is in sight. But God does the best work in places in need of resurrection. We’re committed to supporting each other, collaboration […]