UM Young Clergy Bracket Challenge

I cordially invite all United Methodist Young Clergy to take part in NCAA Bracket Challenge at You will need to create a login with CBS first. After that, the password is the full name of the founder of Methodism in one word & lower case. For example (andrewconard).

Tricky, I know…

If you would like to share via Facebook or Twitter, feel free to copy this text:
invites UM Yng Clrgy to NCAA bracket challenge @ Psswrd=full name of JW in one word & lower case #umyc

I am confident in my prediction that a college from within the South Central Jurisdiction is able to go all the way. Your only hint is: rock, chalk… 😉

United Methodist Young Clergy Social Media Guide

Social Media Guide

We are a movement of young pastors committed to the fact that God is not done working among us. The numbers and statistics may tell us the end is in sight. But God does the best work in places in need of resurrection.
We’re committed to supporting each other, collaboration instead of competition and unity in love.

This is a guide to facilitate social media connections among UM Young Clergy.

  • Join the Facebook Group – UMC Young Clergy (
  • Tags or categories for blogging, Flickr, Delicious, etc.
    • umyc – all things related to UMC clergy under age 35
    • umc – all things related to the United Methodist Church
  • Twitter
    • #umyc – all things related to UMC clergy under age 35
    • #umc – all things related to the United Methodist Church
    • Add yourself to under #umyc
  • Annual Conference Specific
    • Add your annual conference as a prefix to the above. For example, for the Kansas West Annual Conference it would be “kswumyc” for a blog post about clergy under age 35 in the Kansas West Annual Conference or “#kswumc” for a tweet about the United Methodist Church in the Kansas West Annual Conference.
  • Continue to visit UMC Young Clergy ( as it will continue to be updated over the coming months.

Next Step

Share this document with others. Feel free to copy and paste the entire text for a blog post and add an appropriate introduction. You can use the short cut –