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Non-Negotiables for Church Staff

I was inspired by Alexandra Bornkessel to consider What Are Your Non-Negotiables? I have four non-negotiables for church staff. They are: Commitment – You need to be committed to Christ and to the mission of the church. If this is missing, there is really no use continuing a conversation about possible involvement. Passion – You […]


Nothing to Do but Save Souls in the UMC

There is no group, connection, cluster or network of churches that doesn’t have issues. Being connected is part of who we are as Christians. There is no use complaining, but great value in working in God‘s kingdom and renewal within the church. I ran across this advice in a post by Matt Judkins from Tim […]


Resurrection Online Event: Kingdom of God

On Wednesday, January 13 at 12:00 noon central time, Resurrection Online will host our first midweek experience at At The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, we are in the middle of a worship series in which we hope to experience Jesus Christ using the gospel according to Luke as our guide. Pastor Adam Hamilton […]

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Opportunity or Tragedy

A couple weeks ago, Dan Entwistle asked what I was doing at Discovery Ark preschool and he said, Wherever you are there is either opportunity or tragedy. As a pastor, I hope that this is true. I hope to see opportunities everywhere to be a catalyst for God’s work and be present with those who […]

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The Kingdom of God at CaMMp Sonflower

On Monday this week, I was blessed to have a small part in CaMMp Sonflower, a 4 hour day camp for people of all ages with special needs. The camp is a part of Matthew’s Ministry here at Resurrection. Here is a quick overview of the ministry: As I watched the campers and volunteers gather […]

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God’s Work through Sinful People

I received this question from Craig via email. This question is in reference to this past weekend’s sermon which you can watch here. This weekend Adam mentioned that “give us this day our daily bread” was in part an invitation to place our trust in God. He made reference to one of the scriptures that […]