Raving Bull @KansasStateFair

You read that correctly, Raving Bull.

This weekend I had the chance to go to the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, KS. It was great to spend time with my family, see them win ribbons and spend time with Jeff, Amy and Ricky Slater.

I love the State Fair – Pronto Pups, Domestic Arts building, the midway, Arena shows, livestock, exhibits of all kinds, butter sculpture, etc. Most of all, there is Kansas pride.

This is an event that captures the ethos of Kansas like none other. Have you been to your state fair?

Check Out the Studs at #ksf09

Today is the second day that Nicole and I have had the opportunity to spend time at the 2009 Kansas State Fair. We left on Sunday afternoon and will be headed back to Kansas City tonight. It has been a great vacation with my family of origin.

I invite you to check out http://www.kansasstatefair.com/ for more information and the source of this blog post title.

Some of my favorites from the fair:

  • Pronto Pups
  • Commercial Building (or whatever it is called these days)
  • Browsing the Midway
  • Going on at least one ride with a name like “The Scrambler” or “High Roller” or the one that looks like a spider with twirly legs.
  • Ye Olde Mill
  • Root beer with no ice from the big barrels

What is your favorite at the fair?