Choosing Excellence: A Life of Intentional Ministry

This is the theme for the 2010 Kansas Area Professional Ministry Seminar this week in Wichita, KS. From the website:

“Choosing Excellence: A Life of Intentional Ministry” is the theme of the 2010 Kansas Area Professional Ministry Seminar.

Dr. Paul Nixon, author of “I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church,” will speak on excellence in church leadership.

Rev. Susanna Southard, Phillips Theological Seminary instructor, will speak on excellence in Biblical exegesis and study.

I am excited to be part of this event for several reasons:

  • It is an excellent continuing education event.
  • It provides an opportunity for people from both Kansas West and Kansas East to be together. This does not currently happen very often.
  • The shared experience contributes to renewal across the state.

Kansas clergy – Why did you choose to attend or not attend this event?

Bishop Jones Said… (2 of 4)

This quote from Bishop Jones came at the Kansas East Residency Retreat in response to a question about what characterizes an effective clergy person.

Effective clergy lead congregations to increasing missional effectiveness.

I really appreciated this answer. I believe it is the right answer for the renewal of the denomination and for encouraging pastors in ways that are helpful.