Biden, McCain, Obama, Palin – Thoughts on the Election

I watched John McCain announce Sarah Palin as the Republican vice presidential running mate and was intrigued. Some questions that it raised for me…

  • Was Palin chosen primarily to appeal to former Clinton supporters?
  • Is Palin ready to be president, if something were to happen to John McCain?
  • How will Obama and / or Clinton respond to the choice of a woman on the Republican ticket?
  • Is the fact that someone is not a white male a reason to vote for that person?

I think that the 2008 election became a lot more interesting today and I believe that as a Christian I have a responsibility to consider how and if my vote might be a part of God’s kingdom coming on earth.

What do you think?

McCain, Obama and Warren – One Week Later

I finally got around to watching the Civil Forum on the Presidency hosted by Rick Warren at Saddleback Church. DVR is a great thing. I was looking forward to the interaction between Warren and each of the candidates, excited that the first time that they would be on the same stage after becoming presumptive nominees would be in a church, and interested to see if there would be anything unexpected or off the wall.

But, I was disappointed.

I only made it through Obama’s portion of the show before having to go to bed and I found myself having to fight to stay awake for what I did see. Maybe I was just tired last night or maybe the event was really not as good as I had anticipated.

One week later, instead of being a defining moment in the political season, I think that this event has passed quickly into the political drain of old news.