Fresh Coffee

This week I brewed a pot of coffee unlike any coffee brewed at our house in quite a while – we have a clean coffee pot! Now let me explain, the coffee maker that we have has an insulated pot which is great because it keeps the coffee warm without having to keep a warm […]

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Healing in the Name of Jesus

Why couldn’t / didn’t Peter heal in the name of the Holy Spirit? Acts 1:8 – Christ promises “power when the Holy Spirit comes upon [them]” Acts 3:6 – Peter heals in the name of Jesus. I tried to find a reference about Jesus giving direction or instruction about healing in his name. The only […]

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A Provocative Billboard

It is hard to miss this billboard on I-35 just outside of Emporia, KS. I do not think that it is the most helpful way to connect people with Christ. However, I think that there may be a few people who would respond to this type of invitation. I think that one of the least […]